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Automated trading algorithms, with risk management, intelligent reporting - enhancing maximum returns with minimal effort

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We use AI & Machine Learning to analyze private data that takes trades with big results.

*Results combine TRND Bot Optimus + Alpha
+227.47 %
2023 Annual Return.
2023 Profit Factor.
-9.14 %
2023 Annual Drawdown.
2023 Win Rate.
91.53 %
2023 Days in Profit.
.90 %
2023 Avg Daily Return

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Automated trading algorithms, with risk management, intelligent reporting - enhancing maximum returns with minimal effort
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*based on Journal of Financial Markets  research on Day Traders

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30-day money back guarantee if you don’t make money.      

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“Finally found somewhere to put my investments on auto-pilot.”
- Tyson L.
TRND Bot Optimus + Alpha ⚡️
The power of the original TRND Bot! Using our advanced algorithm to scalp trends in precise moments.
TRND Alpha (Beta)
Merges the analytical and data-driven aspects of quantitative trading. Can combine with Optimus.
TRND Quantum (Beta)
Currently under testing, and available first to current customers.

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Real-time alerts keeping you up to date on every trade the bot takes.


Do you guys really offer a 30-day money back guarantee?
Yes, if you don’t make money in the first 30 days, we will refund you 100%.
What risk settings can I control?
You can control various risk settings in your trading system, including 'Risk By Balance' and 'Risk By Equity' which adjust lot size based on your account's balance or equity relative to the source. Additionally, 'Lot Multiplier' allows you to scale your trades based on a set multiplier, and 'Fixed Lot' enables you to maintain a consistent lot size for all your trades, regardless of the source's lot size. These settings help tailor your trading approach to your risk tolerance and strategy.
How hard is it to setup?
Setting up with us is incredibly easy and fast, a stark contrast to the lengthy and complex process often encountered with competitors. In under  3 minutes, you can be all set if you already have an MT5 account with funds – simply add your trading account, and you're ready to go, sparing you the hassle of dealing with virtual servers, complicated processing systems, or intricate bot installations. Our streamlined setup process is designed to get you started swiftly and effortlessly.
How long has this algo been running?
The algo has been up and profitable since November 2022.
What ongoing support updates do you offer?
We offer comprehensive 24/7 support, ensuring you have access to assistance whenever you need it. Whether you prefer live chat, text, or a more personal Zoom call, our team is ready to provide the help and updates you require to keep your trading running smoothly.